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“Regional Euro-Atlantic Initiative – REA Initiative”

The two-day international conference, February 6/7 2008, is organized with the aim at launching Regional Euro-Atlantic Initiative (REA Initiative in the triangle Serbia, Montenegro, BiH) as the Western Balkans’ first regional answer (of both governmental as well as non-governmental organizations) to the challenges and still predominant prejudices as for Euro-Atlantic community’s norms and values in order to decomposing negative “myths” which causing the obstacles in the regional and especially Serbia’s way joining Euro-Atlantic community. The project goal is to maintain confidence and change the attitudes of the ordinary citizens to the Euro-Atlantic community’s norms, values and standards by generating an in-depth understanding of complex and interrelated challenges and demands the region is facing with.

The capital of Vojvodina Novi Sad gather authorities who will support and launch long-term REA Initiative focusing on supporting politics of regional safety and cooperation by opening expert and broad public debate in order to perceive how these processes can be strengthen in the light of possible political and economic as well as security benefits of joining region to the NATO in the future. The city of Novi Sad and Centre for Politics and Euro-Atlantic Partnership would be a symbolical centre of REA Initiative. From the city of Novi Sad will be send the message that the new perspectives and new “Open Door” policy could be launched.

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