Regional Euro-Atlantic Initiative: Youth Pro &Con NATO Debating

The project’s goal is to create and maintain a nucleus of young people, future regional leaders – capable eventually of taking over the decision-making process and raising public awareness with the aim to decomposing negative “myths” and prejudices as to the role of the NATO which causing the obstacles in the Serbia’s way joining Euro-Atlantic community as well as maintain confidence and change the attitudes of the ordinary citizens to the Euro-Atlantic community’s norms, values and standards by generating an in-depth understanding of complex and interrelated, political and economic challenges and demands Serbia is facing with.

This goal will be attain by organizing two-day Youth Pro &Con NATO Debating Competition in Novi Sad: the group of 18 young people will form the core debating structure properly instructed in addressing the issues of Serbia’s joining the NATO in the light of possible political, economic and security benefits as well as from the angle of the needs of everyday life using the modified Lincoln-Douglas debating format. Special focus will be paid to the comparative analysis and lessons learned from the region. Young participants will be recruited from the ranks of students studying Faculty of Law and Business Studies, Novi Sad and the Community Resource Centre, Bujanovac.

It is expected by the end of the project to be published special multilingual brochure collecting debating addresses, conclusions as well as recommendations addressed to government and public institutions as well as media in order to promote NATO-related policies. The proposed project idea is part of the “Regional Euro-Atlantic Initiative – REA Initiative” launched at the beginning of 2008 (in the triangle of Serbia, Montenegro, BiH) as the Western Balkans’ first regional answer (of both governmental as well as non-governmental organizations) to the challenges and still predominant prejudices as for Euro-Atlantic community’s norms and values with the aim at strengthening the process of implementation of NATO/PfP related polices and standards in order to maintain confidence and over-bridge the existing gaps between knowledge and practices the ordinary citizens are faced with. The city of Novi Sad is a symbolical centre of the REA Initiative.

Project under the auspices of the Parliamentary Assembly of AP of Vojvodina, is supported by: embassy of the Republic of Hungary in Serbia and NATO PDD.

REA Initiative: Youth Pro&Con NATO Debating
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