Youth United in Diversities: Tolerance is the Response

Under the auspices of the Parliamentary Assembly of AP of Vojvodina the essay writing competition “Tolerance is the Response” was announced by the Centre for Politics and Euro-Atlantic Partnership and the Danube Bureau. 34 young authors wrote their essays thematizing topics of tolerance and intercultural dialogue, multiculturalism and building of multidimensional identity patterns, understanding of others and different ones, the importance of overcoming of borders, freedom of the young in a space of European values in their native languages: Serbian, Hungarian, Bulgarian as well as English.

In accordance with the given standards young authors understood that the tolerance is Europe’s soul: tolerance is call for change and endeavor to see things from the point of view of other people.

With the purpose to have new generations educated on the values of cultural diversity and tolerance; with developed skills, knowledge and attitudes of combating discrimination and promoting minority rights at institutional as well as cultural level; enabled to more effectively deal with issues of conflict transformation based on human rights, diversity and inclusion in a context of respect, tolerance and mutual understanding, to have new generations of the European citizens competent to build Europe of “citizens, regions and minorities” project activities were launched.

For the second time in Backa Topola, “the European Capital of Tolerance”, November 17, 2008, the International Tolerance Day reminds all of us of the dignity and worth of every human person and encourages us to live together in peace. The idea of prizing people who standing for the ideals of tolerance, solidarity and human dignity is unique in the Balkan region. The purpose of the Prize is to honor and reward extraordinary creative achievements in promoting tolerance, as notable models for others in the field of peace-building. The planned November 17, celebration would be an excellent chance for the first time prizing both, people/institutions who promoting and standing for the idea of tolerance during a year as well as the most successful, young essays’ writers.

Youth United in Diversities: Tolerance is the Response
Youth United in Diversities: Tolerance is the Response
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