Vojvodina – Estonia: Building Up Youth Inter Cultural Dialogue

The project goal is to significantly increase youth socio-political competence by strengthening youth civil engagement as well as initiating youth active citizenship; aim of creating stronger European ties and understanding among the peers from Vojvodina and Estonia is achieved by organizing one week study visit (assembling 25 participants - university students, NGO activists up to age 26 – coming from various ethnic communities in Vojvodina and Estonia); launching open youth internet forum and organizing Vojvodina promotion day in Tartu. Project partners are the Centre for Politics and Euro-Atlantic Partnership and EuroCollege, University of Tartu, Estonia.

The project supports cultural diversity and multiculturalism, reflects different cultures, promotes equality of access for European citizens and mutual understanding across European borders. Bridge building and sharing multicultural background from both face-to-face and on-line contact can increase respect, deeper understanding and ability to communicate with people coming from different cultures.

One week study visit will encompass presentations, panels and workshops focused on youth NGOs engagement to public sector’s decision-making process; youth involvement in the transition country’s civil society organizations; initiating a change in governmental accountability to youth in both countries considering the problem of youth employment as well as national youth strategies; different aspects of EU transitional challenges sharing experiences and good practices from both sides (political, economic and cultural transitional impacts on youth’ everyday activities); visit of Provincial government institutions (dealing with youth, education and culture) as well as youth NGOs in Vojvodina.

Proposed activities will be a chance for a group of youngsters from Estonia to spend a week Vojvodina, bringing them together and giving a chance to share ideas, information, knowledge, experiences, and expertise. Network will be supported by practical actions like launching open youth internet forum and especially organizing Vojvodina promotion day in Tartu giving a chance to a small group of people coming from Novi Sad to promote the Vojvodinian multicultural values and pave the ground for further cooperation.

Project is supported by: Provincial Secretariat of Sport and Youth and FOS Ease-East Program
Vojvodina-Estonia: Building Up Youth Inter Cultural Dialogue
Tartu: April 17-21, 2008
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